Israeli terrorist operations and attacks on neighboring countries – A timeline

Israel is one of the world’s most aggressive rogue and since its establishment has incessantly attacked its neighbors or conducted military operations and executions of thousands of kilometers away.
The list of Israeli war and terrorist acts including is far from exhaustive, and the state’s abuse and mistreatment of the Palestinians in the occupied territories are not included here.
State of Israel since its establishment in 1948 conducted aggressive wars or terrorist acts against the following countries:
Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Sudan, Norway, France, Malta, USA.

1946-48 Israeli terrorist groups carry out numerous terrorist attacks against the Palestinian people, including bombings of buses. The best known action is the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, which cost 91 lives, and the massacre of women and children in the village of Deir Yassin, which cost 107 lives.
September 17, 1948 Israeli terrorists executes the UN’s chief negotiator in the conflict, Folke Bernadotte.
April  4-5,1951 Israel sends troops into the demilitarized zone on Syria. 7 of those killed afterwards. Day leaving Israel its combat aircraft bomb zone.
October 14, 1953 under the leadership of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon later attacking Israeli commandos in the cover of night the village of Qibya in the West Bank. 69 villagers killed and 45 houses, a school and a mosque destroyed.
1954 Israeli military intelligence officers placing bombs in British and North American banks in Egypt. The aim is to throw the blame on Egyptian nationalists and damage relations between Egypt and the Western world. The operation, however, is revealed, leading to the Israeli war minister Pinhas Lavons departure.
February 28, – March 1, 1955 Israel attacks Egyptian military in Gaza. 38 Egyptian soldiers killed and 30 wounded. The attack is the direct reason to Egypt later this year as a major arms deal with Czechoslovakia to defend against Israeli attacks.
August 31, 1955 Israel attacks Egyptian military in Khan Yunis, Gaza. 72 Egyptian soldiers killed. The attack leads to Egypt sends troop reinforcements to the Sinai.
September 1955 Israel attacks Jordanian police garrison at the road between Beersheba and Hebron in the West Bank. Over 20 Jordanian soldiers and police killed.
October 28, 1955 Israel attacks Egyptian military post in Kuntilla. 12 Egyptian soldiers killed and 29 taken prisoner.
November 3, 1955 Israel attacks Egyptian military in Nitzana. 81 Egyptian soldiers kills and 55 taken prisoner.
December 22, 1955 Israeli military attack Syrian positions at the foot of the Golan Heights.
July 11, 1956 Israeli military intelligence officers to execute the head of the Egyptian military intelligence in Gaza, Mustafa Hafez.
July 12, 1956 Israeli military intelligence officers to execute the Egyptian military attaché in Amman, Jordan, Salah Mustafa.
September 25, 1956 Israeli military attacks the village of Husan near Bethlehem. An unknown number of villagers killed.
October 10, 1956 Israeli military attack police headquarters in Qalqilya in the West Bank. 100 Jordanian police and soldiers killed.
October 29, – November 6, 1956 Israeli military attack Egypt and occupy parts of the Sinai during the Suez crisis.
January 31, 1960 Israeli military attack on the Syrian village Tawfiq and level it to the ground. 7 Syrian soldiers and an unknown number of civilians killed.
March 16, 1962 Israeli military attack on the Syrian village Nuqayb. 30 Syrian soldiers and an unknown number of civilians killed.
November 1964 Israeli military launches air strikes against dam construction by Mukhaiba in Syria to prevent the water from the Jordan and Yarmouk rivers used for development in Syria and Lebanon. Plane attacks in Syria continues regularly until April 1967, when dam project set.
November 13, 1966 Israeli military attack from the ground and from the air the village of As-Samu south of Hebron in the West Bank. The village razed to the ground. 18 Jordanians and mansion Valentine Africans killed.
June  5-10,  1967 Six Day War. Israel carries out surprise attacks on its neighbors; leaves its air force put air weapons in Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon out of the game; leave while his army occupying the Sinai Peninsula, the West Bank and the Golan Heights. Over 1 million Palestinians sent to flee their homes. UN Security Council (Resolution 242) requires immediate Israeli withdrawal from the occupied territories. A decision Israel continues to ignore ifht. The West Bank and the Golan.
June 8, 1967 The USS Liberty incident was an attack on a United States Navy technical research ship, USS Liberty, by Israeli Air Force jet fighter aircraft and Israeli Navy motor torpedo boats. In 2002, Captain Ward Boston, JAGC, U.S. Navy, senior counsel for the Court of Inquiry, said that the Court of Inquiry’s findings were intended to cover up what was a deliberate attack by Israel on a ship it knew to be American.
March 21, 1968 Israeli military attacking the city Karameh in Jordan. 84 Jordanian soldiers were killed, 250 wounded and four captured. 156 Palestinians were killed and 141 taken prisoner.
December  27-28,  1968 Israeli commandos blow up 12 airliners and one cargo aircraft in the air at Beirut’s airport. All flights from the Middle East International.
July 19, 1969 Israeli special forces attack the island of Al Jazeera Al Khadraa south of Suez. About 80 Egyptian soldiers killed.
July  20-28,  1969 Israeli fighters and bombers attacking Egyptian air defense batteries west of Port Said and elsewhere along the Suez Canal. Around 300 Egyptian soldiers are killed. The attacks continued through August with over 1000 Israeli sorties.
September 9, 1969 Israeli military attacks and occupying several hours part of the Egyptian coast on the Red Sea, south of Suez. 100-200 Egyptian soldiers killed.
December 24, 1969 Israeli commandos strike in the French port of Cherbourg, where they steal 3 missile torpedo boats that are subsequently shipped to Israel. Israel had paid for the boats, but the French government refused in December to let them sail to Israel due. Arms embargo on the warring nation.
December 26-27, 1969 Israeli military attack Egyptian military positions on the Egyptian coast of the Red Sea with the aim of capturing a complete P-12 radar system. An unknown number of soldiers were killed.
January-April 1970 Israel conducts a wide range of air strikes deep inside Egypt targeting radar installations, anti-aircraft batteries and other military installations, but also against civilian targets such as schools. The attacks are intended to force Egypt to a ceasefire with Israel, but many times in the past, Israel is unable to turn its military supremacy to diplomatic gains. The attacks cost many hundreds of civilians and soldiers lives, but gets the Egyptian population to back up even stronger on its government, reinforces the Egyptian government’s unwillingness to enter into negotiations with Israel and draw the Soviet Union even stronger in the conflict.
January 7, Israeli planes attack military school near Helwan and a number of military posts near Cairo.
January 13, Israeli aircraft attack a military camp in the Nile Delta, a military camp in Suez city, a military camp in Tall al Kabir and a fourth barracks.
January 18, Israeli aircraft attacking a munitions factory in Jebel Huf north of Helwan and an ammunition depot 10km west of Cairo.
January 23, Israeli aircraft attack an ammunition depot 10 km west of Cairo – the same that was angrevet five days earlier.
January 28, Israeli aircraft attack missile bases in Dahshur, south of Cairo, and a military base 5 km southeast of Cairo.
February 2, Israeli aircraft attacking military bases near Asyut in Upper Egypt and a P-12 radar installation in Baltim.
February 6, Israeli planes attack military bases in Gandela in Upper Egypt and in Tall al Kabir in the Nile Delta.
February 8, Israeli aircraft attacking a naval base and military stockpiles near Helwan.
February 12, Israeli aircraft attack radar installations in Jebel Obeid and a metal foundry in Abu Zabel. The latter attack costs 70 Egyptian workers life. The aircraft continues to attack military bases in Dahshur and a radar installation in Abu Suweir.
February 17, Israeli aircraft attack an SA-2 missile battery near Dahshur.
February 26, Israeli aircraft attack an SA-2 missile battery and a military school in western Cairo. Later that day attacked another rocket battery in the Nile Delta.
March 6, Israeli aircraft attack an SA-2 missile battery near El Mansourah and a radar installation near Domyat.
March 13, Israeli aircraft attack a radar installation in Ras Obeid.
March 23, Israeli aircraft attack a radar installation in Baltim.
March 26, Israeli aircraft attack a missile battery in Qassasin.
March 31, Israeli aircraft attack missile batteries near El Mansourah.
April 3, Israeli aircraft attack again rocket batteries near El Mansourah.
April 8,  Israeli aircraft attack a primary school near Bahr el Baqar. 47 Egyptian school children killed.
April 10, Israeli aircraft attack a radar installation in Wadi Zur.
April 13, Israeli aircraft attack an SA-2 missile battery near Manzala and a radar installation in Wadi Zur.
May 1970 Israel conducts extensive air attacks on Port Said. Unknown number killed.
May 22, 1970 Israeli artillery bombards four villages in the south of Lebanon. 20 villagers killed and 40 wounded. Thousands of Lebanese fleeing north from the Israeli terror.
June 1970 Israel attacks Syrian positions with tanks. Hundreds of Syrian soldiers killed.
July 18, 1970 Israeli air attack on Egypt costs Soviet military advisers life.
June 21, 1972 Israeli intelligence agents kidnap five Syrian intelligence agents.
September 8, 1972 Israeli aircraft terrorist bombs 10 Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and Syria in retaliation for the Munich massacre. Somewhere between 65 and 200 Palestinians killed.
1972-74 Israeli intelligence agents executes an unknown number of Palestinians from the Black September and PLO as revenge for the massacre in Munich.
February 21, 1973 Israeli warplanes hit Libyan civilian aircraft over the Sinai. Of the 113 on board killed the 108th International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO and even the United States condemns Israel for the shooting.
April  9-10,  1973 Israeli commandos attack PLO targets in Beirut and Sidon. Somewhere between 12 and 100 Palestinians killed.
July 21, 1973 Israeli intelligence agents execute Moroccan waiter in Lillehammer, Norway. They confuse him with a Palestinian they had on their execution list.
October 7, 1973 Israeli aircraft attack Syria in a large-scale attack with the aim of putting all its surface-to-air batteries out of the game. The attack fails. It is on the second day of “Yom Kippur” war, when Egypt conquered the Sinai, which has been occupied by Israel for 6 years.
May 16, 1974 Israeli warplanes attack Palestinian refugee camps in southern Lebanon. 27 refugees killed and 138 wounded.
March  14-21,  1978 Israel invades and occupies southern Lebanon up to Litanifloden. Israel is using illegal cluster bombs against PLO guerrillas and civilians. 1100-2000 Lebanese and Palestinians killed and 100-250000 sent on the run. When Israel partially withdraws to transfer the power to the Christian terrorist organization South Lebanese Army (SLA) that the following year conducts terrorist activities directed against the Lebanese civilian population and UN peacekeepers, UNIFIL. Israel continues as arms supplier to SLA.
July 25, 1979 Israeli intelligence agents execute as-Sa’iqa leader Zuheir Mohsen in Cannes, France.
May 28, 1980 Israel attacks trucks with surface-to-air missiles near Sidon, Lebanon.
June 13, 1980 Israeli intelligence agents executes the Egyptian nuclear scientist Yehia El-Mashad in Paris, France. El-Mashad involved in the building of a nuclear reactor in Iraq.
April 28, 1981 Israeli aircraft hit two Syrian helicopters over Lebanon. Syria responds by providing air defense batteries in the Bekaa valley.
June 7, 1981 Israeli warplanes bomb the nuclear reactor at Osirak, Iraq, which is under construction. Both the UN Security Council and General Assembly condemns the attack.
July 17, 1981 Israeli aircraft bombs central Beirut. Over 300 killed and 800 wounded during the air strike. Almost all civilians. Israeli army and air force bombarded southern Lebanon until July 24, when the United States negotiated a cease-fire in place.
December 14, 1981 in violation of international law and Security Council resolutions 242 adopts the Israeli parliament to ‘annex’ occupied Golan Heights. Syrian President Hafez al-Assad calls it a war action.
April 21, 1982 Israeli aircraft attacking the Lebanese coastal town of Damour. 23 Lebanese and Palestinians killed.
May 9, 1982 Israel’s air force continued bombing of southern Lebanon. The head of the UN peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon, Major General Erskine report to the UN Security Council that, in the period August 1981-May 1982 has been 2096 violations of Lebanese airspace – committed by Israel. In addition, 652 violations of Lebanese territorial waters. According. the North American diplomat George Ball had PLO predominantly held ceasefire in July 1981, while Israel constantly conducted provocations to find legitimation for an invasion of Lebanon.
June 6, 1982 Israel invades and occupies the southern part of Lebanon. The primary occupation lasts until May 17, 1983, but Israel retains its total military control over southern Lebanon until 2000, during the occupation of Lebanon killing Israel and Israeli-controlled forces thousands of Lebanese civilians and Palestinians. Invasion plan had been presented to and approved by the Government of Israel in December 1981.
June 9, 1982 As part of the war attacking Israel Syria, destroying 90 Syrian fighter jets and put 17 out of 19 missile batteries in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon out of the game. That night attack and destroy Israeli warplanes Syrian 47th Armoured Brigade outside Baalbek.
June 13, 1982 Israeli forces have surrounded Beirut. On July 14, presents the Israeli war minister Ariel Sharon a plan for the conquest of West Beirut. The aim is to eradicate the PLO complete. The United States does, however, from, and the next month negotiated an agreement in place that opens up the evacuation of PLO forces to Tunis. In frustration initiates sharon August 10 one carpet bombing of Beirut, costing more than 300 civilians. It becomes too much for even the United States. Superpower President Ronald Reagan protest against the Israeli government. After the evacuation of the PLO, Israel has de facto control over Beirut.
September  16-18,  1982 Christian terrorists attack with the support of the Israeli army of Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila in Beirut. Somewhere between 800 and 3,500 women, children and old people killed in the massacre. An Israeli commission of inquiry forces later war minister Ariel Sharon to depart for his role in the massacre, but he never put on trial.
1985 Israeli commandos lowers two ships off the Libyan coast, allegedly flying arms to the PLO.
October 1, 1985 Israeli warplanes bomb PLO headquarters in Hammam al-Shatt, Tunisia. About 250 deaths, of which 215 Tunisians. UN Security Council condemns the attack.
October 1986 Israeli intelligence agents kidnap Israeli citizen Mordechai Vanunu from Rome, Italy. He sentenced to life imprisonment in Israel, and observed the following 20 years in solitary confinement in prison. Vanunu revealed Israel’s nuclear program and the state at this time, have at least 100 nuclear weapons.
April 16, 1988 Israeli commandos execute PLO leader Khalil al-Wazir in Tunisia.
July 28, 1989 Israeli commandos kidnap the Shiite imam Abdel Karim Obeid from the village Jibchit in southern Lebanon.
March 22, 1990 Israeli intelligence agents executes the Canadian scientist Gerald Bull in Brussels, Belgium. Bull working on a project for artillery Iraq.
February 16, 1992 Israeli Apache helicopters are shooting and killing the Shiite Imam Abbas al-Musawi in southern Lebanon. The attack also cost his wife, his newborn son and four other lives.
June 8, 1992 Israeli intelligence agents executes the PLO intelligence chief Atef Bseiso in Paris, France.
November 7, 1992 Israel abandons plan for the execution of Iraq’s Head of State, Saddam Hussein. The execution would be revenge for Iraqi shelling of Israel with missiles during the first Gulf War, but the abandoned two days before to take place when five Israeli intelligence officers accidentally killed during an exercise on the attack in the Negev. The Israeli military censorship trying to tradition, to the media not to mention the killings, but November 24 frames news media anyway, as the Miami Herald reports that five Israeli agents were killed in an exercise designed to train the execution of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nazrallah . It was not Nazrallah but Saddam was the target. Seven years later, the military intelligence to a new level of execution of Saddam, but it was once again dropped.
25-July 31, 1993 Israeli aircraft, artillery and warships carried out the terror bombing of southern Lebanon with the aim to oust the civilian population in order to create a free-fire zone where Israel can freely attack Hezbollah. Thousands of homes in hundreds of villages bombed and sends 300,000 Lebanese and Palestinian refugees to flee to the north. At the same time attacking Israel, bridges and power stations. After 7 days of terror is at least 118 Lebanese and Palestinians have been killed.
May 20, 1994 The Lebanese Amal militia ‘security chief Mustafa Dirani kidnapped in the village Boxes Naba by Israeli special forces. Dirani was held 10 years imprisoned (without trial) in total isolation in an Israeli special prison. Israel refused to allow the Red Cross access to him and denied him to receive or send letters to his family. After 10 years of illegal confinement, he was released as part of an exchange of prisoners in Lebanon.
June 3, 1994 Israeli aircraft attack Bekaa valley in Lebanon. More than 30 killed.
October 26, 1995 Israeli intelligence agents execute Islamic Jihad founder Fathi Shaqaqi in Malta.
April  11-27,  1996 On April 11 initiates Israeli aircraft and artillery terrorist bombing of southern Lebanon, Beirut and the Bekaa Valley. The bombing is far more violent than 3 years earlier and sends 3-500,000 Lebanese and Palestinians to flee. On April 12 attack Israeli planes a Syrian military post. From April 13 initiates Israeli warships a naval blockade of Beirut, Sidon and Tyre. On April 14 and 15, bombed power plants. About 170 Lebanese civilians and Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks. Over 2000 houses have been demolished and the economic devastation amounts to approximately $ ½ billion.
Egyptian Mohamed Atta who was the mastermind behind al-Aqaedas terrorism 9/11 2001 notes later that it was Israel’s terror in Lebanon in April 1996 that convinced him that he had to use the same means to the United States.
April 18, 1996 Israeli artillery sends volley of shells on southern Lebanon. Some are aimed at UN peacekeepers in Qana, where 800 Lebanese civilians have sought refuge. 106 women and children killed during the Israeli shelling and 116 wounded. UN General Assembly condemns the massacre, when the United States in the Security Council to block criticism of Israel.
September 25, 1997 Israeli intelligence agents trying to execute the chairman of the Hamas Political Bureau, Khaled Mashal in Amman, Jordan.
May 7, 2001 Israeli pirates attack and conquer the Palestinian freighter Santorini in international waters in the Mediterranean. According. the Israeli government freight ship weapons from Lebanon to Gaza.
January 3, 2002 Israeli pirates attack and conquer the Palestinian ship Karine A in the Red Sea. According. the Israeli government is on its way to Gaza with weapons.
March 29-May 3 2002 Full Israeli military occupation of the West Bank. The areas in accordance with the Oslo Accords is under Palestinian control defeated. De facto puts Sharon government Oslo Agreement in the grave. Refugee camps – including Jenin – attacked and about 1000 Palestinian civilians killed. Israel leveling virtually the Palestinian Authority headquarters in Ramallah to the ground and openly declare its intent either to kill self Chairman Yasser Arafat or force him into exile. Only international pressure forces ultimately Israel to desist from the last part of the plan. Around 1500 killed, wounded 3-4000, 4500 interned without trial and self-government buildings leveled systematically ground.
October 5, 2003 Israeli pirates attack and conquer the Palestinian Abu Hassan ship in international waters in the Mediterranean. According. the Israeli government freight ship weapons from Lebanon to Gaza.
October 5, 2003 Israeli aircraft attacking the village of Ain ​​es Saheb in Syria.
March 22, 2004 Israeli helicopter fires missile of Gaza to execute Hamas blind spiritual leader, the 67-year-old Ahmed Yassin as he leaves a mosque in Gaza City. Yassin and 11 others are killed and another dozen injured. United Nations, the Arab League and most of the world condemning the execution.
September 26, 2004 Israeli intelligence agents executes Hamas leader Izz El-Deen Sheikh Khalil in Damascus, Syria.
November 11 2004 Yasser Arafat, who was the President of the Palestinian National Authority and Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization, died unexpectedly. In 2009, Bassam Abu Sharif, Arafat’s former advisor, alleged that the Mossad poisoned Arafat by a lethal dose of thallium, a rare chemical whose effects are difficult to trace, through Arafat’s daily medications.
March 14, 2006 Israel attacks the Palestinian Authority prison in Jericho with the sole purpose of abducting PFLP’s President Ahmad Sa’adat. The prison is guarded by soldiers from eg Britain and the United States, which is half an hour’s notice to flee.
June 28, – November 26, 2006 Israel invades and terrorist bombs Gaza. Hundreds of Palestinians killed.
July 12, – August 14, 2006 Israel invades southern Lebanon with 30,000 soldiers and conduct terrorist bombing of Beirut and other major Lebanese cities. Plane attacks leveling both large residential areas with the ground, but is also directed against bridges and power plants. Despite the Israeli superiority is the invasion force only able to penetrate a few kilometers into Lebanon, where it meets massive resistance from Hezbollah militia defending the Lebanese sovereignty. The war cost 1400 Lebanese civilians and Palestinian lives. Israel ends of the carpet bombing of southern Lebanon with several million illegal. cluster bombs. Up to 1 million Lebanese and Palestinians were forced to flee and values ​​of 3-5 billion. U.S. $ destroyed.
September 6, 2007 Israeli air attack army barracks in northern Syria. Israel claims in the case of a nuclear reactor.
February 12, 2008 Israeli intelligence agents executes Hezbollah leader Imad MUGHNIYAH in Damascus, Syria.
February 28, -March 3, 2008 Israel invades and terrorist bombs Gaza. Hundreds of Palestinians killed.
August 1, 2008 Israeli intelligence agents execute Muhammad Suleiman, head of Syria’s nuclear program in Tartus.
December 27, 2008 – January 18, 2009 Israel invades and terrorist bombs Gaza. Around 1500 civilians murdered. Israel is using illegal phosphorous bombs against, inter alia, UN building complexes in Gaza. Israel leveling large living areas with soil. UN finds in a subsequent study that Israel has been guilty of serious war crimes.
January and February 2009, Israel is carrying out several attacks on the Sudan. Over 100 civilians killed. Israel claims the case of arms shipments to Gaza.
November 4, 2009 Israeli pirates attack and conquer the ship MV Francop in international waters in the Mediterranean. According. the Israeli government freight ship weapons from Iran to Lebanon.
January 19, 2010 Israeli intelligence agents executes Hamas Mahmoud al-Mabhouh rep in Dubai. The execution leads to serious diplomatic crisis with Australia and Ireland, as it appears that the Israeli killers used stolen passports from Australia and Ireland.
May 31, 2010 Israeli pirates attack and conquer the peace flotilla in international waters in the Mediterranean. 6 Turks and one north american executed by pirates. The Flotilla’s 1000-strong crew and passengers is captured by the Israelis and released slowly over the following week. Turkey ends up breaking off diplomatic relations with Israel following the country’s piracy and execution of Turkish citizens.
March 15, 2011 Israeli pirates attack and conquer the German ship Vistoria in international waters in the Mediterranean. According. the Israeli government freight ship weapons from Iran to Gaza.
April 5, 2011 Israeli aircraft attacking a car at the port of Port Sudan. Israel claims the existence of executions of Hamas’ weapons collector.
October 23, 2012 Four Israeli aircraft attack munitions factory south of Khartoum. There is a training operation to prepare pilots for a military attack on Iran.
November  14-21,  2012 Israel invades and terrorist bombs Gaza. 105 civilians killed (including 30 children) and 1,000 injured.
January 30, 2013 Israeli warplanes attack the military research center Jamraya outside Damascus, Syria. 42 Syrian soldiers killed.
May  3-4,  2013 Israeli warplanes attack again the military research center Jamraya outside Damascus, Syria, and a military convoy. More than 100 Syrian civilians and soldiers killed.
July 8, 2014 Israel invades and terrorist bombs Gaza for 51 days.  At least 2,137 Palestinians killed. Among those killed, at least 577 were aged 18 or younger.

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July 21, 1973