The girl on the fence

The girl on the fence, a classic and frequent motif in art, advertising and private photos.
An image analysis just for fun. Read in Danish

Little Girl on FenceThe fence in English language: Fence – Fencing – Defense.
Fence, to fence for themselves, and to defend himself.

The fence, the safe framing of the childhood, the world within and the world without. Where my world goes to, protection against the outside world. The fence is the framework for your and your friends, but also the wonderment, what’s on the other side, curiosity about the outside world, an invitation to fencing his way in the world.

Early in childhood comes the urge to investigate the world, fence arouse the curiosity, the world is greener on the other side of the fence. So the fence must be attempted surmounted to reach the promised land. The fence will be the basis for hunting excursion and the fence are the place where you are showing off your hunting prey.

The fence where you gather with friends, seeking solitude for reflection or waiting for that special someone. For fence promises you that there’s someone out there, one to  wait for, the special one. Where my world goes, this is where I will conquer the world and make it mine.

When the world behind the fence become too small, the fence becomes a prison. Then it’s time to find the hole in the fence, or you can climb over. The fence is the symbolic boundary between childhood and adulthood, the border there has to be crossed. Time to leave the safe-conditioned and really discover the world on the other side of the fence.

Take you best dress and climb over. What draws? Romanticism, the one and only, or adventure? Discover the great world, do the big youth trip? And then, the world is still full of fences to be overcome. Or are you running out in the countryside with bare feet.

And then there are those who never manage to escape, trapped behind the fence physically or mentally. Entirely in the fence.

Little girl near fence

 Reel fishing women





Girl near Fence

Girl sitting on fence




girl, asian, fence



girl-wedding-dress-wallpaper-wedding-bride-groom-fence-nature[1] escape-beautiful-beauty-fence-girl-gold-nature-sun-sunset-tree-valley-white-dress-woman[1]Girl At A Fence[1]

amy winehouse

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